Ask an Alum Program

Fisher College of Business' Alumni & Friends Ask an Alum Program, is a compilation of alumni willing to share their advise and expertise with current students and fellow alumni. Our program includes alumni volunteers from nearly every state in the U.S. and many foreign countries.

The primary way students and alumni contact volunteers is through a password-protected database. Volunteers can choose what contact information they wish to have displayed, and only that information will be available to those seeking your advice.

Ask an Alum volunteers know that there can be great rewards in participating in the program: a chance to give back to the college by offering professional expertise while making meaningful and often lasting connections with Fisher students and graduates. We are grateful to you for volunteering your time and knowledge.

Interested in Volunteering?

Please take a moment to search for Alumni involved in the Ask an Alum program. If you are an Alumni and interested in participating in the Ask an Alum program please share your volunteer interests below.

In Their Words
  • “I am currently a third year student at Fisher College of Business studying operations and logistics management. To find someone with my similar background I registered and used the Ask an Alum program.

    This resource was fantastic as it allowed me to search for candidates based on key words; this made it easy to find the most qualified person to contact.

    I got in contact with a very nice, interesting and caring individual that offered to help in any way possible now and in the future.”

    Cody Sanders
    Class of 2012