Tips for Ask an Alum Volunteers

Your time and effort is valuable and to make it effective, here are some tips:

Once the student has made contact, please make every effort to respond in a reasonable timeframe.
Be friendly and sincere. Emphasize to the student(s) that you have volunteered for the project and that you are really interested in them.
Encourage the student(s) to be open. Let them know when they can contact you. Have them share their goals and experiences.
Some suggestions for local alumni/student contacts include meeting for coffee to chat and exchange calendars; if your work place allows, invite the student(s) to attend a business meeting, or have him/her accompany you on the rounds; make a commitment to e-mail or telephone on a regular basis.
Recommend books or other resources which have been useful to you in your career.
Be aware that the student(s) may be undecided as to career goals, and is searching for information only related to your chosen profession. As such, their contact with you may be limited to that first meeting only.
Your role is to provide the student with information. It is not to provide the student with job placement or other gratuities.
Refer to the enclosed questions on this site that may help the student address his/her career direction.